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Shortened Curriculum Vitae: Marlena Kruger (Dr)

Founder: MindUnique Education Pty (Ltd)

Marlena Kruger

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Private Higher Education: After more than 25 years working in public higher education, Marlena was appointed in August 2012 as Dean of Faculties at CTI Education Group – a private higher education institution that is now fully owned by Pearson. During these years she was among other things actively involved in the roll-out and distribution of computer tablets, training and development of lecturers and students and the development of best practices for e- and mobile learning to all students at CTI – distributed over 12 campuses in South Africa.

She is co-author of two books (one with Dr Kobus Neethling on Creativity Coaching and one on 12 Lenses for successful implementation of technology-enhanced learning in higher education, together with Prof Izak Broere). She read numerous papers, focusing on different aspects of successful implementation of e- and mobile learning initiatives, at more than 60 national and international conferences. She has widely published in national and international accredited journals, mainly on research topics related to teaching, learning and assessment in distance education, e- and mobile learning and towards the implementation of best technology-enhanced learning practices. 

She is also a certified Lifestyle Educator and successfully completed a counselling course.

New beginnings: Marlena resigned from CTI Education Group in June 2015 to start her own business, MindUnique Education Pty (Ltd). She wants to further pursue her dream and passion to integrate neuro- education and -leadership research while developing and training people with the ultimate goal to inspire and achieve techno-life balance while discovering and optimising their full potential in our digital-immersed world of today and in the future!

She is a firm believer that people are wonderfully created with so much untapped potential and therefore wants to engage with them in different areas of their life to optimise their full potential. Together they can co-create synergies and inspire techno-life balance while optimising opportunities and addressing challenges to enable flourishing and joyful living whether they are @ home, @ school or @work.

Marlena’s many years’ experience in education and her passion for nurturing peoples’ minds, bodies and spirits, equipped her with significant skills and experience to assist you to attain techno life balance.

Contact for more information or make an appointment:

Marlena Kruger (Dr)

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