Mind Unique

Through MindUnique’s Integrated Techno-life Balance System® (ITB System) and customised approaches we work together to assist and  facilitate the development of the minimum necessary skill sets to achieve techno-life balance in different focused areas of life: @ home, school, college or university or in the workplace.
Our excellent services, based on neuro-educational and management research and principles, include:

  •  Speaker (key notes, talks, seminars and conferences)
  • Facilitator of ITB System workshops as well as customised interventions as needed at schools, communities, churches or businesses

  • Consultation on creating a balanced learning or business environment  when implementing e- and mobile learning solutions in blended learning and working environments
  • Coaching individuals as leaders and teams to fulfil their purpose and achieve techno-life balance

  • Education and training interventions and short courses to equip people to flourish in our techno-immersed world @ home, school, college, university and work

  • Research-driven and implementation projects according to customer’s needs