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TechnoLife SMART™ Workshops

MindUnique Education offer the following workshops:

  • “Master TechnoLife Wellness™” Fundamentals (1 day) (limited to 20 participants)
    • Output: An action plan for increasing the participant’s holistic wellness based on the neuro-synergetic “Integrated Techno-life Balance System™”.
  • BrainBrilliant™ and Neuro-synergetic Learning Strategies (0,5-1 day) (limited to 20 participants)
    • Output: An action plan for increasing participant’s energy and performance when applying the principles of the neuro-synergetic learning strategies based on the BrainBrilliant™ framework for optimising the development of individuals’ learning potential.
  • BrainUnique™ and Neuro-synergetic Leadership strategies (0,5-1 day) (limited to 20 participants)
    • Output: An action plan to enhance leaders’ knowledge, skills and characteristics to improve own and followers’ energy, creativity and performance in our current and future Fourth Industrial Revolution world of work.
  • Do you want to empower yourself with more knowledge and skills to achieve and master techno-life balance in a digital world?
  • Do you want to become a SMART digital citizen or educator and gain more digital literacy and facilitation skills?
  • Do you want to equip yourself with more relevant and specific skills to become a certified or licensed Mindunique® Facilitator?
  • Do you want to complete single modules for self-enrichment and empowerment?

Please complete the contact form here where you should indicate your interest areas with different options. This will enable us to add you to our contact list and keep you updated on inspiring and exciting events and developments at Mindunique Education.